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Are you or someone you are helping looking for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder resources or services? HelpSeeker is your online database of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder resources and services available in Calgary.

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Looking for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder services and resources? HelpSeeker is a free network offering over 15 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder resources and services in Calgary. HelpSeeker makes it quick and easy to find the help you need. It’s free, anonymous, and accessible in 23 languages.


Calgary John Howard Society (Main Office)

The Calgary John Howard Society (CJHS) is a non-profit charitable organization that works to reduce crime and increase safety in the community. We provide housing, education, employment programs and support…

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Mentorship, Advocacy, Partnership and Support Program (MAPS)

MAPS provides individualized service planning to help youth develop strategies around FASD and how it affects their everyday life.Support includes teaching what FASD is and how it personally effects the…

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Foster Care

McMan’s Foster Care Program supports children and youth until they are able to return home with family, adopted or an alternative permanency plan is in place.The program provides safe, caring…

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Hope Homes Program and Indigenous Hope Homes Program

The Hope Homes and Aboriginal Hope Homes provides youth who are experiencing homelessness with stable housing and supports to make a positive transition to adulthood or appropriate adult housing with…

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Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network (CFAN)

CFAN is advancing how we all understand and respond to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. We lead through community engagement, funding stewardship, and FASD advocacy. CFAN aims to reduce the incidence…

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