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Are you or someone you are helping looking for support to access affordable housing? HelpSeeker is your online database of affordable housing resources, shelters, and other housing services available in Calgary.

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Calgary Housing Services

If you or someone you are helping needs support to access a safe, affordable place to live, there is a broad spectrum of housing options available to Albertans in Calgary. Whether you are looking for an emergency, short-term, or long-term housing solution, HelpSeeker makes it quick and easy to find the help you need. It’s free, anonymous, and accessible in 23 languages.


Drop-in shelters and homeless shelters provide a temporary place to stay overnight.

Featured Listings

Inn from the cold

Inn from the Cold - Emergency Family Shelter

Our mission is to provide shelter, sanctuary and healing to assist homeless children and their families achieve independence…

Boys and Girls Club - Avenue 15

Through our Shelter services, Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary provides temporary or urgent support for youth experiencing or at risk of homelessness…

Emergency Housing

For those who are experiencing domestic abuse or violence, emergency housing programs offer temporary support with housing needs and other services.

Featured Listings

Calgary Women's emergency shelter

Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter (CWES)

The Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter is focused on ending family violence and abuse in the lives of women, children, youth and men…
Kerby centre for the 55 plus

Kerby Rotary Shelter

Kerby Rotary Shelter is the first purpose-built shelter in North America for older adults facing elder abuse…

Supportive Housing

These supportive living programs offer housing for seniors, people with disabilities, or others who need a bit extra help and support services such as health care support for their daily living.

Featured Listings

Accessible Housing

Accessible Housing - Newbridge

A permanent supportive housing model that provides long-term, dedicated housing for 10 male residents who have experienced homelessness.

Silvera - Beaverdam - Early-Stage Memory Care

Providing early-stage memory care for independent seniors, this inviting community with caring employees offers private suites, dining services, weekly housekeeping, active aging programs…

Transitional Housing

Programs that offer temporary, supportive housing for those transitioning from homelessness to living independently in a permanent home.

Featured Listings

The salvation army

Community Support Services - Women’s Residential Program

Our women’s residential program, called WISH (Women’s Integrated Supportive Housing), provides safe and secure accommodations for up to 23 homeless and displaced women…
Alpha House

Alpha House - Transitional Bed Program

Clients can move into our STSH Program where they can continue to be supported after they have detoxed…

Low-Income Housing

Social housing programs that offer low-cost or subsidized market housing for low-income renters or rental accommodation that is geared towards your household income. Eligibility for programs is typically based on income thresholds and current housing conditions.

Featured Listings

Habitat for Humanity - Calgary

Habitat for Humanity Canada brings communities together to help families build strength, stability and independence through affordable homeownership…

The Mustard Seed - 1010 Centre

The 1010 Centre is a progressive and sustainable apartment building that provides low-income housing to help relieve the housing crisis facing thousands of Calgarians…

Housing Payment & Landlord/Tenant Support

Other resources and subsidy programs that can help you with housing issues.

Featured Listings

Calgary housing company

Calgary Housing Company - East District

Calgary Housing Company (CHC) administers rental and rent supplement programs on behalf of The City of Calgary and the Province of Alberta…

Alberta Landlord & Tenant Advisory Board

The Residential Tenancies Legal Information Program is a project of the Legal Resource Centre of Alberta Ltd. (operating as the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta “CPLEA”), a non-profit organization whose mission is to help people understand the law as it affects their everyday lives…

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HelpSeeker connects those who are looking for help with local, provincial, and Canada-wide organizations that offer housing support for seniors, new Canadians, people at risk of homelessness, and other vulnerable populations. From private landlords/private sector housing with subsidies to non-profit organizations, you can search our database to find affordable housing units, low-income rental housing, shelters and other housing supports – filtered to match your needs.

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