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Supportive Housing Resources in North Cowichan

Are you or someone you are helping looking for Supportive Housing resources or services? HelpSeeker is your online database of Supportive Housing resources and services available in North Cowichan.

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Looking for Supportive Housing services and resources? HelpSeeker is a free network offering over 6 Supportive Housing resources and services in North Cowichan. HelpSeeker makes it quick and easy to find the help you need. It’s free, anonymous, and accessible in 23 languages.

Cowichan Lodge Tertiary Mental Health Facility

Cowichan Lodge is a 51-bed Tertiary Mental Health facility specializing in tertiary-level mental health services to Vancouver Island clients, including pharmacological, biophysical and psychosocial treatments.There are two wings:24-bed Seniors Tertiary…

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The Steeples - Assisted Living

At The Steeples, we believe every person contributes as a unique individual and is worthy of respect as a capable and responsible person with strengths and abilities. By respecting the…

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Biscay Manor

Transitions are hard for all of us and even more so as we age! Biscay Manor was established in 2007 with the idea of creating more of a family atmosphere…

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Deertrail Cottage

DeerTrail Cottage in the Cowichan Valley is a home-like residence where seniors can feel comfortable and safe. Here, residents can enjoy tea and coffee service, cable TV or simply observe…

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CCS - Home Sharing Program

Our home sharing program provides a residential option for adults who prefer a smaller or more family-based environment.Services are provided by contracted caregivers, sometimes called roommates.They share living space and…

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