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Are you or someone you are helping looking for Hygiene resources or services? HelpSeeker is your online database of Hygiene resources and services available in Vancouver.

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Looking for Hygiene services and resources? HelpSeeker is a free network offering over 66 Hygiene resources and services in Vancouver. HelpSeeker makes it quick and easy to find the help you need. It’s free, anonymous, and accessible in 23 languages.

Union Gospel Mission - Vancouver

Union Gospel Mission (UGM) is dedicated to helping people overcome addiction, poverty, and homelessness, one life at a time. Its services and resources cover a continuum of care, including:364 days…

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RainCity Housing and Support Society

RainCity Housing and Support Society is a grassroots organization built around compassion, purpose and a commitment to delivering progressive housing and support solutions for people living with mental illness, addictions…

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RainCity Housing and Support Society - Emergency Shelter

The Triage Shelter is RainCity Housing’s first line of housing support for the homeless. The Shelter provides emergency housing and care for people living with mental health, substance use and…

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RainCity Housing and Support Society - Transitional Housing

The Shelter has 30 private rooms: 20 for men and 10 for women. Pets are welcome and three meals a day are provided.

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Lookout - Walton Residence

48 sleeping rooms in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.Permanent supportive housing provides long-term housing for people who require assistance in maintaining their housing. Lookout’s Tenant Support Workers (TSWs) provide a…

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