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Victoria Mental Health Services

Are you or someone you know looking for addictions or mental health support? HelpSeeker is your services network for addictions and mental health resources available in Victoria, British Columbia.

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Addiction & Mental Health Services

If you or someone you know needs support to access mental health care or addiction resources, HelpSeeker makes it quick and easy to find the help you need. It’s free, anonymous, and accessible in 23 languages.
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Mental Health Crisis Support

Suicide prevention and mental health emergency services, helplines, and online chat.

Top Listings

Vancouver Island Crisis Society

Vancouver Island Crisis Line

We are a registered non-profit agency whose services include 24-hour Crisis Lines, as well as Crisis Chat and Crisis Text services, through which we provide short-term non-judgemental support, crisis intervention, information, and resources… is an anonymous online crisis & emotional support chat & text line open to youth across Canada under 30 years of age. We are open every night from 6 pm-12 am PST…

Addiction Treatment & Support

Substance use services and resources for those struggling with addiction, such as alcohol, opioids, and other drugs. These programs offer treatment and support from health care providers and social workers.

Top Listings

cedars at cobble hill

Cedars - Drug Addiction Treatment Program

Despite the harrowing facts of drug addiction, recovery is possible. At Cedars, our individualized drug addiction treatment programs are instilled with that belief in mind…


PCFSA - Substance Abuse Adult Counselling

This program provides assessment, counselling, and referrals for adults who use substances in a problematic way and for those individuals who are affected by others’ alcohol or drug use…

Safe Consumption Sites

Walk-in services and resources for those who are struggling with substance abuse. These programs offer a safe place to consume alcohol or drugs, drug testing, and other support services.

Top Listings

Island Health

Island Health Overdose Prevention & Supervision Consumption Site - Victoria Comfort Inn

Overdose prevention site serving residents 7 days a week, 12 pm- 5 pm…

AVI Victoria - Harm Reduction Services

Overdose Prevention Room for safer drug use and rapid overdose response, daily 3 pm – 9 pm…

Free or Low-Cost Mental Health Counselling Programs

Mental health programs and mental health clinics that offer single sessions or long-term counselling and treatment plans for mental illness and mental health concerns.

Top Listings

south island centre

South Island Initiative Society - Income-Based Counselling Services

At South Island Centre, we know how important it is for everyone to have access to professional, affordable mental health counselling services when needed. As a registered charity supported by various agencies and donors, we can provide some subsidized professional mental health services to those most in need…

ENHS - Counselling for Adults

Esquimalt Neighbourhood House Society has offered barrier-free and, most importantly, free of charge, supportive counselling for adults living in the Greater Victoria Area. Our community-based mental health and addictions counselling is tailored to individual needs…

Mental Health Support Groups

Support groups where individuals with mental health challenges or their family members/ loved ones can connect, share, and meet others in the same situation who can provide community support.

Top Listings

Mood Disorderd Association of British Columbia

MDABC Peer Support Group - Island Community Mental Health

A Mood Disorders Association of British Columbia peer-led support group is a safe place to share your story, struggles, and accomplishments and listen to others as they share similar concerns…

Youth Empowerment Society YES

VYES - Anxiety Group

The Anxiety Group is designed to be a safe, welcoming, and less clinical experience for youth ages 13- 24. The group provides a learning experience for youth to make meaningful connections not only to other youth experiencing anxiety disorders but also connections within themselves when it comes to their coping skills and self-awareness…

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