Are you a Service Provider?

Getting started with HelpSeeker

Join as a Service Provider

Visit Service Provider and “Join HelpSeeker as a Service Provider today”, fill in all information. Once you have requested to join, you will receive login information and password within a few business hours.

Note: The email and telephone number you provide on the sign-up form will not be visible to the public.

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Service Provider Sign-in

Visit HelpSeeker website click “Sign-In” located at the top right corner. Log in using the info you received from HelpSeeker.

Dashboard Homepage

You will be taken to a world map, the map may not have any locations recorded yet.

Using the menu on the left-hand side click on “Listings” and select “Add new” from the drop-down menu.

Here is where you add your organization's information and the programs.


Tips when entering your information

  • At the top either select "Location" or "Program".
  • Locations are the bricks and mortar of an organization (The geographical location and/or organization/agencies name).
  • Programs are the services offered by that organization or agency. (You cannot change an entered location to a program or vice versa without deleting and re-entering, please double check your selection.)
  • Fill out every field with a red asterisk*, including: Listing name, Full address, and a helpful description of up to 1,000 characters. Enter as much information as possible to ensure clients can access the program details and information.
  • Copy address to field directly above the map in "find address by the map" space, it will auto generate the location and will pop up a line, you can then make typing changes to the address if needed.
  • Ensure all extra spaces are removed, including spaces in the hours field.
  • Click the highlighted blue button “Create Listing”, once all the necessary fields are complete.
  • Tag all relevant categories, including a population focus and a service/need. All other information following is recommended but optional. Click “Save”.
  • You have now entered in either a location or a program. Repeat the steps to enter the rest of your information.

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