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Low-Income Housing Winnipeg

Are you or someone you are helping looking for affordable housing? HelpSeeker is your services network of all the affordable housing resources and other housing services available in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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HelpSeeker is proud to partner with End Homelessness Winnipeg and the Manitoba Association of Women’s Shelters to bring these resources to you.

Housing Services

If you or someone you are helping needs support to access a safe, affordable place to live in Winnipeg, there are many different emergency and affordable housing options available. Whether you are looking for an emergency, short-term, or long-term housing solution, HelpSeeker makes it quick and easy to find the help you need. It’s free, anonymous, and accessible in 23 languages.


Drop-in shelters and homeless shelters provide a temporary place to stay overnight.

Featured Listings

Salvation Army - Booth Centre Ministries Winnipeg - Shelter

The Mustard Seed’s Housing First Model connects community participants with safe, affordable housing and community support.

Siloam Mission - Emergency Shelter

We now have 110 beds in our shelter and they are filled every night of the year. Along with a bed our guests have access to hygiene items, washroom facilities and even hot showers. We also have a hospital discharge room for people with no place to go…

Emergency Housing

For those who are experiencing domestic abuse or violence, emergency housing programs offer temporary support with housing needs and other services without a waitlist.

Featured Listings

Macdonald Youth Services - Emergency Shelter

A safe place for youth to stay overnight or short-term, where a warm bed and someone to listen is just the beginning. The resource centre is available to youth on a walk-in basis around the clock & provides basic needs like food & a shower, counselling, advocacy & referrals for additional help & resources…

MRC - Emergency Shelter Program

Emergency Shelter is available for all men (and their children) across the province of Manitoba who are fleeing from their intimate partner or family member due to abuse and violence…

Supportive Housing

These housing programs offer housing for seniors, people with disabilities, or others who need a bit extra help and support services for their daily living.

Featured Listings

Red Road Lodge - Supported Housing Facility

Operating as a transitional, supportive housing facility, it is the only dry, safe single-room-occupancy hotel on the notorious downtown strip. The Lodge provides homes to 44 individuals in recovery from addictions, suffering with a mental illness or often both…

Lions Club of Winnipeg Senior Citizens Home

Provide enriched housing for seniors. Operate supportive housing, assisted living, adult day clubs and personal care home for seniors. Provide residences and research to individuals with alzheimers…

Transitional Housing

Programs that offer temporary, supportive housing for those transitioning from homelessness to living independently in a permanent home.

Featured Listings

RaY - ROOM Transitional Housing

The Safe Suites provide youth (17-21 years) in the care of CFS with short-term housing (up to 90 days) and on-call support. The goal of the program is to provide youth in need with time to create a plan with CFS staff and secure more stable housing…

EFSM - Transitional Housing Units

EFSM Housing Units are a transitional housing initiative offering a supportive living arrangement to four to six women by bridging the gap between homelessness and independent living…

Low-Income Housing

Housing programs that offer subsidized market housing for low-income individuals and families or those receiving social assistance, or rent that is geared towards your household income.

Featured Listings

Manitoba Housing - Social Housing Rental Program (SHRP)

The Social Housing Rental Program (SHRP) is the primary and largest program delivered by Manitoba Housing. The program provides low-income Manitobans in the greatest need with subsidized housing…

Winnipeg Housing Rehabilitation Corporation

Winnipeg Housing manages some of the best-maintained buildings in Winnipeg’s inner city, providing safe and affordable housing to various demographics in our city…

Housing Support

Other resources and subsidy programs that can help you with housing issues.

Featured Listings

Winnipeg Rental Network (WRN)

The Winnipeg Rental Network (WRN) is a city-wide inter-agency initiative. The WRN addresses affordable rental issues and works with tenants, landlords and service agencies regarding tenure security…

Residential Tenancies Branch - Winnipeg

The Residential Tenancies Branch can help you by providing information on matters such as rent, repairs and deposits and mediating disputes between renters and landlords. We provide information on your rights and responsibilities during a tenancy, investigate problems, and hold hearings to make decisions and issue orders on certain issues such as evictions. Visit for more details…

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