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Kitchener Social Services & Resources

Find over 56 housing resources, 113 mental health resources, 62 food support services, 75 recreational services, 280 education programs, and more in Kitchener.

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Looking for social services and resources in Kitchener?

HelpSeeker is a free network offering over 860 social services, programs, resources, helplines, and benefits across Kitchener in areas including shelter and housing, domestic violence, food services, and others.

Thousands of Resources in Kitchener at your fingertips

HelpSeeker connects those who are looking for help with local and national organizations that offer services, resources, benefits, and helplines for people in Kitchener. From non-profit organizations and private service providers, you can search our database to find a wide range of social work services, health services, community support/community resources, and family support.

Browse resources for mental health, community health, child care, education and training, domestic violence, affordable housing, supportive housing, food support services, financial assistance and financial support, recreation, and more.

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Kitchener Statistics

26HelpSeeker users search for services in Kitchener each month

860Service listings available in Kitchener

"st. matthews lutheran church"Top phrase in Kitchener for 2021

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