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Data that matters


  • Real-time analytics so you can make better decisions for your services and those seeking them.
  • Quickly add or update information on your programs, occupancy and organization's information within a few clicks.

Accessible for everyone

  • Our secure platform can be used on any device while ensuring privacy for the individual.
  • You can access your provider data anywhere, from your computer in your office or on your phone out in the field.

Generate funder friendly reports

  • Our system will help you build amazing reports that you can show off to your funders.

HelpSeeker network features

  • Free resource directory for services signing up, and for end users.
  • Realtime dashboard analytics and benchmarking at local, provincial, and national levels for premium accounts.
  • Systems mapping analytics to assess service duplication and gaps in any regional configuration for premium accounts.
  • Occupancy and capacity tracking to support Coordinated Access services and Systems Integration.
  • Fully PIPEDA compliant, with equivalents for Ontario and BC.
  • Optional built-in user feedback of services to improve the quality of supports.
  • Smartphone apps for Android and iPhone and responsive web-based application.
  • No sign-in required and no user tracking for maximum privacy.
  • Integrates direct calling/email feature to connect to services directly or to one of 300+ helplines.
  • Filtering technology to narrow results based on population and service categories.
  • National data set of 30k+ services curated using Open Data and original research.