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The HelpSeeker app gives you access to 250k+ community, health, and social services and enables you to provide help to those in need when they need it the most.

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The HelpSeeker app is a free network of location-based services, resources, and support you need to help your clients and the community.

HelpSeeker allows you to privately browse thousands of community, provincial and federal health and social services, programs, resources, helplines and benefits for mental health, counselling, parenting, education and training, addictions, domestic violence, affordable housing, shelters, food support services, recreation, and more.

Who is the
App for?

The HelpSeeker app is for social workers, first responders, nurses, doctors, teachers, clergy, counsellors, volunteers, and other Everyday Heroes who navigate the social support systems to help those in need.

HelpSeeker enables them to find local health and social services in seconds and instantly connect people in need with the right resources. The HelpSeeker app is available to everyone. It is easy to navigate, and no prior knowledge of the social support systems is required to find the help you, your loved ones or your clients need.

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If you are looking for urgent help, please call 911.

HelpSeeker does not provide services or make recommendations to specific services.  Please click “find help” (orange button) to search our site.

Read our FAQs for more information about the HelpSeeker app or select a topic you’d like to ask us about.

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