HelpSeeker's Vancouver Social Impact Audit including the Executive Summary and Full Report is available here

We build solutions that empower leaders on the frontlines of solving the world’s most complex social challenges

We are a Canadian social enterprise, established in 2018, working at the intersection of technology and social innovation.

The products and services we develop are designed to accelerate the necessary change to help build a new social infrastructure toward equitable wellbeing.

Social purpose first

As a social enterprise, we prioritize improving our offerings to generate more social impact. We truly believe in a future where tech and business can be a force for social good.

How we work

Action on Reconciliation and sovereignty

Supporting Truth and Reconciliation is a core value for us at HelpSeeker.

We know that data is a valuable asset, so we work with Indigenous and First Nations communities to ensure they have access to, and control over, the data they need to exercise their sovereignty.

Several of our team members are OCAP® certified, and apply these principles to our work with Indigenous communities and governments.

Download our First Nations Data Policy here.

Commitment to inclusion, diversity and equity

50/30 Challenge

Gender parity:

target minimum 50% women and/or non-binary people

Leadership team

Full team

Equity-deserving groups:

target minimum 30%

Leadership team

Full team

Equitable compensation

We actively monitor pay equity to reflect our values, while ensuring our team is well compensated for their hard work, passion and expertise.

When we examine equity deserving team members’ pay, it is on par with other team members. HelpSeeker’s team earnings are comparable to those working in the IT sector in major urban centers.

We provide health benefits, 3 weeks starting vacation plus 1 week off for cultural/religious observance, and flex days.


Fully remote team aligned through agile scrum methodology

Fully remote team from across Canada

Aligned 2-week sprints led by scrum-of-scrums across teams

Radical transparency using Jira and Confluence for work management

Annual, Quarterly, monthly, and 2-week planning and innovation cycles

“Build it for the people and show them value.” -Travis Turner

Teamwork makes the dream work

Dr. Alina Turner

Co-President & Co-Founder

Leadership, Growth and Impact

Travis Turner

Co-President & Co-Founder

Leadership, Growth and Impact, Corporate Services

Jesse Donaldson

EVP Strategy & Municipal Affairs

Leadership, Growth and Impact

Matt Parker

Leadership, Data

Leadership, Growth and Impact

Jillian Mah

Manager - Community Success

Leadership, Growth and Impact

Carille Mendoza

VP - Product

Leadership, Product

Pragash Rajeswaran

Director of Development

Leadership, Development

Nicole Croft

Manager - Systems Mapping

Leadership, Data

Arthur Bulka

Manager -Accounting & Finance

Leadership, Corporate Services

Archana Subramanian

Data Engineer

Dee Wang

Data Scientist

Lori Kandyba

Data Visualization Specialist

Melissa Wilkinson

Systems Mapping Specialist

Ryan Reeve

Systems Mapping Specialist

Danielle Gillard

Help Desk Service Representative

Data, Corporate Services

Dani Marsh

Systems Mapping Specialist

Elvis-Philip Niyonkuru

Solution Architect


Harman Singh

Lead Full Stack Developer


Namratha Pulavarthy

Frontend Developer


Poly Greenberg

Backend Developer


Vadim Geguzinskis

Backend Developer


Bhavana Dhulipalla

DevOps Engineer


Camilo Escamilla

Research & Policy Lead

Growth and Impact

Josie Cassidy

Administrative Coordinator

Growth and Impact, Corporate Services

Kim Harper

Graphic Designer

Growth and Impact, Product

Elizabeth Heller

UI/UX Designer


Rida ldrees

UI Designer


Krishna Priya

Product Manager


Pam Noble

HR Advisor

Corporate Services

Jenny Kelly

Social Data Analyst

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