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The ultimate Solution for Social Systems Planning

Karto is your comprehensive solution for data visualization, analytics, and mapping in social systems planning.

This robust tool provides a complete view of your social services landscape, enabling you to visualize the distribution of services and resources geographically.

Powerful Data Insights for Social Impact Leaders

Karto makes it easy to join up your organizational and community data with our catalog of hundreds of novel and go-to datasets.

Easily understand social infrastructure needs, supply and demand trends at the local and national levels in an intuitive data insights platform.

With Karto, identify coverage gaps, overlaps, and understand the intricate links among various services and organizations.

This level of understanding is crucial for social sector planning and strategy.

It converts data on service usage, demographics, and other key factors into actionable insights.

These data-driven visualizations aid in identifying trends, patterns, and gauging the effectiveness of existing services.

With Karto, ensure every decision positively impacts your community.

Armed with a clear understanding of your community’s social infrastructure, Karto facilitates strategic, evidence-based decision-making.

Use Karto to smartly allocate resources, prioritize initiatives, and detect the need for new services.


Karto’s advanced technology transforms complex data into clear, actionable insights for effective social issue resolution

Karto’s geospatial mapping visually represents resources, services, and social needs, enabling users to identify community service trends and gaps

Karto ensures the most relevant and reliable information for decision-making, thanks to its real-time data refresh feature

Service and Product Packages

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