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Find help fast

Navigi is an easy-to-use app that lets help seekers confidentially explore social support offerings from over 100,000+ organizations.

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Simplifying Access to Social Services

Navigi brings social services closer to you.

Designed with a user-friendly interface, our platform is integrated with Google Maps, offering you an intuitive experience when locating social services around your location.

Our interactive map displays comprehensive information about available social services, programs, and support systems.

We offer details such as contact information, hours of operation, and specific offerings, helping you make informed decisions about the services you seek.

Quickly locate relevant social services with our smart search functionality.

Customize your search with filtering options to find the most suitable services for your needs. Navigi accommodates a diverse user base with a translation feature supporting over 20 languages.

Shaping a More Responsive Social Service Landscape

Navigi is not just a tool, but a catalyst for change. Working hand in hand with our analytical companion, Karto, we’re transforming how social systems planners understand and respond to the needs of communities.

By integrating Navigi’s user data with Karto’s advanced analytical capabilities, we provide an unparalleled perspective into the evolving social landscape. Planners can identify emerging needs, pinpoint service gaps, and spot developing trends with greater accuracy and foresight.

This data-driven approach is fundamental in devising effective and timely solutions to complex social issues.

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Our synergy goes beyond simple collaboration, creating a feedback loop that continuously informs and refines the planning process.

As users engage with Navigi, their interactions are transformed into insights that help shape a more responsive and effective social service landscape.

The result? A dynamic and symbiotic system where every search, every click, and every interaction contributes to a more informed understanding of community needs.

With Navigi and Karto, we’re not just providing access to services – we’re shaping the future of social service planning.