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Supportive Housing Resources in Halifax

Are you or someone you are helping looking for Supportive Housing resources or services? HelpSeeker is your online database of Supportive Housing resources and services available in Halifax.

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Looking for Supportive Housing services and resources? HelpSeeker is a free network offering over 36 Supportive Housing resources and services in Halifax. HelpSeeker makes it quick and easy to find the help you need. It’s free, anonymous, and accessible in 23 languages.

Supportive Housing for Young Mothers (SHYM)

Families experiencing homelessness are mostly single parent families—led primarily by women. Women parenting on their own enter shelters at twice the rate of two parent families.It has been shown through…

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Direction 180

Direction 180 is a community-based, opioid treatment program located in the North End of Halifax, Nova Scotia. This non-profit organization has been running since 2001 as a program of the…

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Phoenix Supportive Housing Program - Nova Scotia

Phoenix Youth Programs is an essential service provider, and we remain resolute in our commitment to continue to offer timely, meaningful and fulsome support to those we have the privilege…

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Alternative Family Support Program - Nova Scotia

Residents are eligible to receive funding based on their need for items such as room and board, support and supervision, and respite, as outlined in the AFS policy.The Alternative Family…

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The Alders by Adsum

The Alders is located at Gottigen and Uniacke, in the heart of the North End. The neighbourhood is a hub of ethnic and cultural diversity, where newcomers live alongside long-standing…

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