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Public Health Services - Burnside

The International travel clinic is located atPublic Health servicesin the Burnside Industrial Park.

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PHS - Burnside - International Travel Clinic

The International Travel Clinic offer consultations and vaccines for people traveling outside of Canada. Based on multiple factor including: age, immunization status, pre-existing medical conditions, destination and local conditions it…

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Tacoma Plaza

Tacoma Plaza is home to the Dartmouth Community Health Team. Health and wellness programs are offered at this location.

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Woodlawn Blood Collection

Woodlawn Medical Clinic is a privately run facility that houses a variety of clinics and family practices.

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Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building - QEII

The Camp Hill VeteransMemorial Building houses restorative rehab and geriatric outpatient care.It is also the residence forCamp Hill VeteransServices Long Term Care.

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