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Are you or someone you are helping looking for Bullying resources or services? HelpSeeker is your online database of Bullying resources and services available in Halifax.

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Looking for Bullying services and resources? HelpSeeker is a free network offering over 12 Bullying resources and services in Halifax. HelpSeeker makes it quick and easy to find the help you need. It’s free, anonymous, and accessible in 23 languages.

Phoenix Centre For Youth

Phoenix Centre for Youth is a walk-in centrethat helps youth in their day-to-day lives. The services offered are confidential, non-judgmental and include:housing support,advocacy,crisis intervention,counseling,parenting support,referral to community and internal resources,health…

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Bullying Helpline - Nova scotia

We offer information and guidance to everyone affected by bullying.

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FSOS - Kidz Connect

Kidz Connect embodies the core information of our previous Keeping Kids Safe in a Cyber World Program such as: navigating the risks and dangers of cyberspace while taking a more…

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YWCA - YSpace

YSpace is a pilot program that will be offered to youth at three HRM elementary schools in the 2019-2020 academic year. YSpace follows the same structure as GirlSpace and GuySpace,…

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Children and Youth in Challenging Contexts Network (CYCC)

The CYCC Network is a knowledge mobilization network that was created to improve mental health and well-being for vulnerable and at-risk children and youth in Canada. It promotes the use…

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