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Karto's Integrated Solutions:

Mapping, Assessing, and Understanding Community Dynamics

In an era defined by rapid societal shifts, clear insights into community systems and needs are paramount.

HelpSeeker introduces specialized analytical packages, each powered by the Karto platform, designed to provide communities and organizations with rich insights and a year-long Karto subscription.

Our team has a one-stop shop approach to helping social impact leaders, having curated a unique set of capabilities you can leverage with our technology.

Housing Needs Assessment

Powered by Karto

Unlock insights into your community’s housing dynamics.

The Housing Needs Assessment offers a meticulous, AI-driven exploration of housing demand, supply, and affordability specific to your community. Leveraging Karto’s state-of-the-art capabilities, this assessment provides a holistic view of the housing landscape, pinpointing gaps and delivering actionable insights. Within a week, you’ll receive a detailed 75-100-page report, customized to your community’s or organization’s branding guidelines. Empower your community with data-driven insights to navigate housing challenges confidently.

Prices start at $7,499, with final costs tailored to the unique needs and scope of your community.

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Social Needs Assessment

Powered by Karto

Illuminate the broad spectrum of community well-being.

Using Karto’s state-of-the-art analytics, our Social Needs Assessment thoroughly delve into health, education, employment, and more. Equip your organization with the insights needed to address social challenges comprehensively. Once our analysis is complete, you’ll be presented with a 100-page report within a week, crafted to reflect your community’s or organization’s branding guidelines. 

The investment for this detailed exploration starts at $7,499, with variances based on the depth of your project and community size.

Grant & Funding Generator

Powered by Karto

Navigating the intricate world of grants and funding can be daunting for both communities and organizations.

The “Grant & Funding Generator: Powered by Karto” is your expert-led, AI-supported solution to this challenge. Dive deep into Karto’s analytics, benefit from meticulously crafted applications, and stay ahead with monthly data-driven briefings. Our offerings ensure your applications are not only compliant but also data-rich, compelling, and competitive.

Equip yourself with the tools, insights, and expertise to master the grant and funding landscape for an investment starting at $7,499. Begin your data-driven journey to funding success with us.

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Systems Mapping

Powered by Karto

Navigate the intricate web of societal relationships using Karto’s Systems Mapping service.

By unveiling the myriad of connections, highlighting gaps, and identifying redundancies within community systems, we lay a foundation for transparent and informed decision-making, optimizing both strategies and resource deployment.

Our pricing for this comprehensive solution begins at $9,999 influenced by the unique aspects of your project and the size of your community.

Custom Solutions with Karto

Each community and organization is unique, presenting distinct challenges and ambitions.

Responding to this, we offer tailor-made solutions anchored in Karto’s versatile platform. Whether you’re charting unfamiliar territory or envisioning an off-the-beaten-path project, our team is poised to collaborate, blending Karto’s data might with your distinctive goals.

Venture confidently into specialized projects, buoyed by Karto’s precision and our dedication to innovation.

Product and Service Packages

No one community, organization, or social challenge is exactly the same as another.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create wraparound supports and customize our products to add value, amplifying the impacts made by our partners.

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Ready to Illuminate Your Community's Future?

Each solution’s cost is influenced by its distinctive aspects and your community’s dynamics.

For a precise pricing breakdown tailored to your needs, please reach out to set up a consultation. Your next step towards a data-empowered future starts here.